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   Christmas & New Year Program : 2011-12  

   First Holy Communion - November-2011  

   Karnataka Rajyothsava Celebrations - November-2011  

   The nativity of Mary our Divine Mother : September 8th 2011  

   Family Celebration 11th September 2011  

    Crib Competation-2009        

    Christmas Celebration-2009    

 Visit to the Orphanage on 20-12-2009

   Children's Day-2009  

   Kannada Rajyothsava-2009  

   Mission Sunday-2009  

Visit to the Orphanage on 29-03-2009  

Blood Donation Camp held on Sunday 22-03-2009

    Highlights of 2008-09  

  Programs in 2008-Photographs 

  Programs in 2007-Photographs 

  Programs in 2006-Photographs 

Church Inaguratioin
Arch Bishop Ignetius Pinto was welcomed by solomn procession for the Church Ingural function

The Archbishop of Bangalore inagurates the Chruch by cutting the ribbon on

A Marble stone which reminds of inaguration date and year of the Church.

Thousands of Faithful are spiritually benefited by prayer services

Main Alter
Main alter of the Church where Holy Eucharist is celebrated every day

St. John The Baptist
A statue of St. John the Baptist decorated during Parish feast

Summer camp 2005
Playing children during a week summer camp 2005

Youth day out
All youth of the Parish had a wonderful picnic on

Summer Camp 2005
A dance by children during summer camp 2005

Summer camp 2005
A Cultural programe by youth during summer camp 2005

Honor to new Preists
New young priests Rev. Fr. Joy, Rev. Fr. Richard and Rev. Fr. were honored.

Honor to new Preists
New young priests Rev. Fr. Joy, Rev. Fr. Richard and Rev. Fr. were honored.

Chruch at Tolalu
New Church built by Our Parish Priest Rev. Fr. John Lobo in

Chruch at Tolalu
Rev. Fr. John in front of Alter in the church built by him in Tolalu


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