Help-Line Committee

Help Line Committee come to existence with the Motto "Live to Help- Help to Live." True to its motto Help Line has now become one of the active Committees of St. John the Baptist Church. The inception of Help Line emerged with full co-operation and guidance of the first Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Pius James, in September 2000. 

Help Line has seeded in it the like minded people who are willing to serve the poor who are in need of essentials. This selfless service is uprooted to all the parishioners. It stands for non-profitable and non-commercial transactions.


School Fees for Poor students, Uniforms, books, Etc.

Employment Bureau

Placements for eligible candidates for suitable jobs.

Marriage Bureau

Application for bride and bridegrooms will be provided and the same will be furnished with full details. Also arrangements are made for meeting of both parties.


Supporting the poor in improving their business by publishing widely

 of Clothes to poor

Clothes are distributed to the poor and needy

Visiting the poor

Visiting the poor people (especially the sick in the hospitals) taking care their needs.

Children care

Organizing various cultural programmes in different orphanages for the poor and supporting them in their education.

Building Houses

Help-Line has provided shelter to people who were homeless

Members :

  • Jerald D'souza
  • Jane D'Souza
  • Jostus Pinto
  • Ramola Pinto
  • Robinson
  • Sarala
  • Ransa
  • Margret Chinnappa
  • VaraPrakasham
  • Chinna Anthu
  • Avitus J. Pinto
  • Anjal Mary
  • Vijaya Emanuel
  • Ashokan
  • Vincent
  • Madu D'Souza
  • Elizabeth
  • Clara Olivera
  • Mary Cicilia
  • Meera Periera
  • Dolphy Lobo
  • V.F. Anthony


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