Our Tribute to John D'Silva

Mr. John D’Silva was born on 20 January, 1954. He was a great artist, a musician who spend most of his time in St. John the Baptist Church, Vijayanagar serving the faithful by helping them and the Parish Priest as a faithful sacristan. 

During his part time he also drew all the paintings of the Way of the Cross which are now placed in the Church. It is his magnificent work for which and for all his self-less service the parish is ever grateful. 

He was united with the Lord during a solemn Sunday Mass, of August 15, 2005 due to a massive heart attack. 


Way of the Cross Paintings by Late John D'Silva
Please click on the image for an enlarged view

The Unjust Trial

The Punishment

Jesus on the Ground under the Cross

The Encounter with the Beloved

Helping Hand of Simon

Jesus falls a second time

Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem

Veronica shows compassion to Jesus

Jesus falls a third time

Jesus is stripped off his garments

Jesus is nailed to the Cross

Jesus dies on the Cross

Jesus is taken down from the Cross

Jesus is buried


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